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Modules_Ch16_Web Quiz 1 - b posthypnotic suggestion c...

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MyersExp7 Modules_Ch16_Web Quiz 1 1. Court systems frequently ban testimony from witnesses who have been hypnotized because the procedure often encourages: a. parallel processing. b. hallucinations. c. a placebo effect. d. false memories. 2. An experiment in which hypnotized individuals were induced to throw what appeared to be fuming acid in another person's face demonstrated that: a. hypnosis is a special state of dissociated consciousness. b. information processing during hypnosis occurs only at a unconscious level. c. unhypnotized individuals can be induced to perform the same unlikely act. d. the use of hypnosis as a form of entertainment is clearly inappropriate. 3. Dissociation has been used as an explanation for: a. hypnotic role-playing.
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Unformatted text preview: b. posthypnotic suggestion. c. hypnotic pain relief. d. hypnotic induction. 4. The social influence theory of hypnosis receives support from evidence that: a. behaviors produced through hypnotic procedures can also be produced without them. b. hypnotized subjects feel pain at a subconscious level. c. easily hypnotized individuals have difficulty focusing attention on their own thoughts and feelings. d. very few people are at all responsive to hypnotic suggestions. 5. If highly hypnotizable people are no better than others at simultaneously reading a book and listening to music, this would most clearly challenge: a. dissociation theory. b. the activation-synthesis theory. c. Freud's latent content theory. d. social influence theory....
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Modules_Ch16_Web Quiz 1 - b posthypnotic suggestion c...

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