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Modules_Ch16_Web Quiz 2 - 4. In an experiment, hypnotized...

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MyersExp7 Modules_Ch16_Web Quiz 2 1. A sense of relaxation is most likely to be associated with: a. hallucinations. b. inattentional blindness. c. hypnagogic sensations. d. hypnotic induction. 2. Research indicates that hypnotherapy is especially helpful for the treatment of: a. obesity. b. nail biting. c. alcohol abuse. d. smoking addictions. 3. Research has indicated that hypnosis: a. can force people to act against their will. b. can block sensory input. c. is helpful in overcoming alcohol addictions. d. enables some people to undergo surgery without anesthesia.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. In an experiment, hypnotized subjects are told to scratch their ear if they hear the word "psychology" mentioned later. The fact that they do so only if they think the experiment is still under way most clearly supports the theory that hypnosis involves: a. dissociation. b. neuroadaptation. c. role-playing. d. hypnagogic sensations. 5. The divided-consciousness theory of hypnosis states that hypnosis involves: a. role-playing. b. dissociation. c. neuroadaptation. d. hallucinations....
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Modules_Ch16_Web Quiz 2 - 4. In an experiment, hypnotized...

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