Modules_Ch18_Web Quiz 2

Modules_Ch18_Web Quiz 2 - most likely a(n) ________ for...

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MyersExp7 Modules_Ch18_Web Quiz 2 1. If you have frightening experience immediately after hearing a strange sound, your fear may be aroused when you hear that sound again. This best illustrates: a. generalization. b. spontaneous recovery. c. classical conditioning. d. discrimination. 2. Researchers condition a flatworm to contract when exposed to light by repeatedly pairing the light with electric shock. The electric shock is a(n): a. negative response. b. conditioned stimulus. c. conditioned response. d. unconditioned stimulus. 3. You repeatedly hear a tone just before having a puff of air directed to your eye. Blinking to the tone presented without an air puff is a(n): a. UR. b. US. c. CR. d. CS. 4. Months after she was raped, Courtney's heart pounds with fear merely at the sight of the place in which she was attacked. The location of her attack is
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Unformatted text preview: most likely a(n) ________ for Courtney's anxiety. a. conditioned stimulus b. negative response c. unconditioned stimulus d. partial response 5. After being bitten by his neighbor's dog, Miguel experienced fear at the sight of that dog but not at the sight of other dogs. This best illustrates the process of: a. extinction. b. discrimination. c. conditioned responding. d. latent learning. 6. If you get violently ill a couple of hours after eating contaminated food, you will probably develop an aversion to the taste of that food but not to the sight of the restaurant where you ate or to the sound of the music you heard there. This best illustrates that associative learning is constrained by: a. discrimination. b. biological predispositions. c. conditioned responses. d. discriminative stimuli....
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Modules_Ch18_Web Quiz 2 - most likely a(n) ________ for...

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