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Modules_Ch20_Web Quiz 2 - shape their children's moral...

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MyersExp7 Modules_Ch20_Web Quiz 2 1. An empathic husband who observes his wife in pain will exhibit some of the brain activity as she is showing. This best illustrates the functioning of: a. cognitive maps. b. spontaneous recovery. c .mirror neurons. d. the law of effect. 2. Which pioneering learning researcher highlighted the antisocial effects of aggressive models on children's behavior? a. Watson b. Bandura c. Pavlov d. Skinner 3. Bandura's experiments indicate that ________ is important in the process of learning. a. shaping b. generalization c. modeling d. secondary reinforcement 4. Like European Christians who risked their lives to rescue Jews from the Nazis, civil rights activists of the 1960s had parents who: a. consistently used reinforcement in combination with punishment to
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Unformatted text preview: shape their children's moral behavior. b. modeled a strong moral or humanitarian concern. c. consistently used psychological punishment rather than physical punishment in shaping their children's behavior. d. consistently explained to their children the harsh consequences of immoral behavior. 5. Ten-year-old Karen frequently watches violent movies on television. This is most likely to lead her to: a. underestimate the actual frequency of violent crimes in the real world. b. experience less distress at the sight of other children fighting on the school playground. c. become more hesitant about personally starting a fight with another child. d. become less fearful about being criminally assaulted....
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Modules_Ch20_Web Quiz 2 - shape their children's moral...

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