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Modules_Ch21_Web Quiz 1 - MyersExp7 Modules_Ch21_Web Quiz 1...

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MyersExp7 Modules_Ch21_Web Quiz 1 1. After looking up his friend's phone number, Alex was able to remember it only long enough to dial it correctly. In this case, the telephone number was clearly stored in his ________ memory. a. echoic b. short-term c. flashbulb d. long-term 2. The extensive rehearsal necessary to encode nonsense syllables best illustrates: 3. Students who review previously learned course material at various times throughout a semester in order to pass a comprehensive final are especially likely to demonstrate long-term retention of the course material. This best illustrates the value of: a. implicit memory. b. the serial position effect. c. rosy retrospection. d. the spacing effect. 4. At a block party, Cyndi is introduced to eight new neighbors. Moments later, she can only remember the names of the first three and last two neighbors. Her experience illustrates:
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