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Modules_Ch24_Web Quiz 2 - recognize conceptual distinctions...

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MyersExp7 Modules_Ch24_Web Quiz 2 1. The two-word stage of language development typically begins by the age of ________ months. a. 6 b. 10 c. 24 d. 36 2. The fact that children speak with an accent that is similar to that of their peers is best explained by ________ theory of language acquisition. 3. Which linguistic theorist was most impressed by the underlying similarities of all human language systems? 4. Using different words for two very similar objects enables people to
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Unformatted text preview: recognize conceptual distinctions between the objects. This illustrates: a. telegraphic speech. b. linguistic determinism. c. the linguistic acquisition device. d. complex syntax. 5. Research on the language capabilities of apes indicates that they cannot: a. translate spoken words into signs. b. acquire a vocabulary of more than two dozen signs. c. use signs to communicate with other members of their own species. d. grammatically order language symbols as well as most 3-year-old children...
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