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Modules_Ch25_Web Quiz 2 - validity. a. low; high b. high;...

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MyersExp7 Modules_Ch25_Web Quiz 2 1. Although diagnosed with autism and hardly able to speak coherently, 18- year-old Andrew can produce intricate and detailed drawings of scenes he has viewed only once. Andrew illustrates a condition known as: a. g factor. b. Down syndrome. c. emotional intelligence. d. savant syndrome. 2. The first modern test of intelligence was developed in: a. Germany. b. Britain. c. France. d. the United States. 3. A high school counselor gave Amy a test designed to predict whether she could learn to become a successful architect. Amy most likely took a(n) ________ test. a. aptitude b. g factor c. emotional intelligence d. factor analysis 4. Mary's bathroom scale always overstates people's actual weight by exactly six pounds. The scale has ________ reliability and ________
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Unformatted text preview: validity. a. low; high b. high; low c. low; low d. high; high 5. If course exams assess a student's mastery of a representative sample of course material, they are said to: a. be reliable. b. have content validity. c. be standardized. d. have predictive validity. 6. The extent to which differences in intelligence among a group of people are attributable to genetic factors is known as the ______ of intelligence. a. reliability b. factor analysis c. predictive validity d. heritability 7. Women have been found to score lower on math tests when they are tested alongside men. This best illustrates the impact of: a. the Flynn effect. b. intrinsic motivation. c. emotional intelligence. d. stereotype threat....
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Modules_Ch25_Web Quiz 2 - validity. a. low; high b. high;...

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