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Modules_Ch28_Web Quiz 2 - a better better b worse worse c...

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MyersExp7 Modules_Ch28_Web Quiz 2 1. Work is most likely to be satisfying for employees if it is associated with: a. task leadership. b. the experience of flow. c. 360-degree feedback. d. unstructured interviews. 2. Assessing the impact of different management styles on motivation and productivity of employees best illustrates the professional concerns of: a. personnel psychology. b. clinical psychology. c. organizational psychology. d. human factors psychology. 3. Evaluations of job applicants based on informal interviews are ________ predictors of future job performance than handwriting analysis and ________ predictors than aptitude tests.
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Unformatted text preview: a. better; better b. worse; worse c. better; worse d. worse; better 4. As a business manager, Julie often calls her employees' attention to their occasional mistakes while withholding praise for their many accomplishments. Julie fails to take full advantage of a basic principle of: a. 360-degree feedback. b. operant conditioning. c. task leadership. d. unstructured interviews. 5. Managers who build teamwork and effectively mediate employee conflicts are said to excel in: a. structured interviews. b. social leadership. c. performance appraisal. d. a directive management style....
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