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Modules_Ch30_Web Quiz 2 - d facial feedback effect 4 A...

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MyersExp7 Modules_Ch30_Web Quiz 2 1. The most universally understood way of expressing emotion is through: a. hand gestures. b. body postures. c. facial expressions. d. tone of voice. 2. Who suggested that we can stimulate the subjective experience of cheerfulness simply by acting as if we are already cheerful? a. William James b. Walter Cannon c. Stanley Schachter d. Richard Lazarus 3. If people wrinkle their noses in disgust when presented with a strange- looking food, they are likely to experience an increasingly intense emotional aversion to the food. This best illustrates the: a. Cannon-Bard theory. b. relative deprivation principle. c. feel-good, do-good phenomenon.
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Unformatted text preview: d. facial feedback effect. 4. A television producer believes that violent TV programs provide viewers an opportunity to reduce their own anger through fantasy. The producer appears to accept the: a. James-Lange theory. b. facial feedback effect. c. relative deprivation principle. d. catharsis hypothesis. 5. A celebrity actress experiences ever-increasing levels of professional acclaim following each successful movie role. Yet with each success, she experiences no more than a temporary surge of subjective well-being. This is best explained in terms of the: a. catharsis hypothesis. b. James-Lange theory. c. two-factor theory. d. adaptation-level phenomenon....
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Modules_Ch30_Web Quiz 2 - d facial feedback effect 4 A...

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