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Modules_Ch32_Web Quiz 2 - a. decreases; decreases b....

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MyersExp7 Modules_Ch32_Web Quiz 2 1. People tend to use emotion-focused rather than problem-focused coping strategies when they: a. believe they cannot change a stressful situation. b. appraise a stressful event as a challenge rather than a threat. c. enter the resistance phase of the general adaptation syndrome. d. deal with the stress of daily hassles such as obnoxious cell-phone talkers. 2. Research participants who received nasal drops laden with a cold virus were least likely to catch a cold if they had: a. positive social ties. b. Type A personalities. c. biofeedback. d. CAM. 3. Aerobic exercise ________ the body's production of serotonin and ________ its production of the endorphins.
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Unformatted text preview: a. decreases; decreases b. increases; increases c. decreases; increases d. increases; decreases 4. Lewis has suffered from acute stress for years. He is presently learning to relax with a device that provides him with information about changes in tension in his forehead muscles. Lewis' case illustrates the use of: a. cognitive therapy. b. biofeedback. c. emotion-focused coping. d. CAM. 5. Religiously active people have _______ socially supportive relationships and ________ healthy life-styles than those who are not religiously active. a. fewer; less healthy b. fewer; healthier c. more; less healthy d. more; healthier...
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Modules_Ch32_Web Quiz 2 - a. decreases; decreases b....

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