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Modules_Ch41_Web Quiz 1 - 4 Because she mistakenly believes...

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MyersExp7 Modules_Ch41_Web Quiz 1 1. By overestimating the actual benefits of their psychotherapeutic treatment, clients are most likely attempting to satisfy their motivation for: a. a token economy. b. free association. c. self-justification. d. light exposure therapy. 2. Psychotherapy is likely to be most effective when a client's problem is: a. clear-cut. b. the result of unconscious conflicts. c. a response to a stressful life situation. d. self-inflicted. 3. Which of the following is least likely to be used for the treatment of depression? a. EMDR b. cognitive therapy c. psychoanalysis d. light exposure therapy
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Because she mistakenly believes that the herbal remedy she is using will help her lose weight, Mrs. Redding is feeling a considerable reduction in her appetite. This best illustrates: a. systematic desensitization. b. progressive relaxation. c. the placebo effect. d. tardive dyskinesia. 5. Dr. Judd is convinced that psychological disorders result largely from stressful social situations rather than from disturbances within the individual personality. Dr. Judd's belief is most consistent with the assumptions that underlie: a. psychoanalysis. b. psychosurgery. c. drug therapy. d. preventive mental health....
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Modules_Ch41_Web Quiz 1 - 4 Because she mistakenly believes...

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