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Modules_Ch45_Web Quiz 2 - a happiness b academic competence...

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MyersExp7 Modules_Ch45_Web Quiz 2 1. In several U. S. states, although black motorists are a minority of the drivers and speeders on interstate highways, they have been the majority of those stopped and searched by state police. This best illustrates: a. the mere exposure effect. b. social loafing. c. discrimination. d. the bystander effect. 2. Evidence that people exhibit heightened levels of prejudice when they are economically frustrated offers support for: a. cognitive dissonance theory. b. the catharsis hypothesis. c. the scapegoat theory. d. attribution theory. 3. Shortly after Alex learned that he had failed to make the high school football team, he vandalized the team's locker room and broke several classroom windows. His behavior is best explained in terms of: a. group polarization. b. the mere exposure effect. c. social loafing. d. the frustration-aggression principle. 4. People's physical attractiveness is a good predictor of their:
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Unformatted text preview: a. happiness. b. academic competence. c. frequency of dating. d. altruism. 5. Although Natalie receives somewhat greater rewards from her marriage than does her husband, both are satisfied with the relationship because they each benefit in proportion to what they put into it. This best illustrates the significance of: a. equity. b. deindividuation. c. social facilitation. d. the mere exposure effect. 6. Although the leaders of two enemy nations admit to a buildup of their own military forces, each sees the other country's actions as unreasonable and motivated by evil intentions. This situation best illustrates: a. deindividuation. b. the mere exposure effect. c. the just-world phenomenon. d. mirror-image perceptions. 7. Initiating one or more small conciliatory acts is a central feature of: a. the just-world phenomenon. b. social facilitation. c. the mere exposure effect. d. GRIT....
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Modules_Ch45_Web Quiz 2 - a happiness b academic competence...

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