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Notes - Modules 43 - 44 - Social Psychology 1. Attribution...

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Social Psychology 1. Attribution 1. Involves determining the causes of peoples' behavior that are prone to error. 2. Fundamental Attribution Error 1. We attribute behavior to internal traits, underestimate situational variables 3. Actor-Observer Bias 1. We attribute behavior of others to internal traits and not to the power of the situation upon behavior. We tend though to explain our own behavior by attributing it to the effect of situation and not that or our own traits. 4. Self-Serving Bias 1. We attribute our successes to disposition and our failures to situations 2. Helps us maintain a positive outlook and self-image 3. We all consider ourselves to be better than average 5. Attraction 1. Proximity and mere exposure to others increase attractiveness, also increase over time. 6. Conformity 1. Tendency to follow others behaviors, attitudes and beliefs. 7. Asch's Study 1. Tested power of conformity by asking a group to judge the length of lines 2. All except for one were confederates of the study. At one point all were informed to give the wrong answer to gauge effect on the subject. The subject also would give the wrong answer. 8.
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Notes - Modules 43 - 44 - Social Psychology 1. Attribution...

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