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BME 551 Homework1 - BME 551 2012 Homework # 1 Spring...

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BME 551 Homework # 1 Spring 2012 Heterogeneous Nano Structures: Multiscale structures with NEMS and MEMS components Surface Tension 1. Define surface tension in terms of force and length. Provide the units . 2. Define Mc (The minimal requirement for static stability on the surface). 3. What parameters are required to keep the paper clip afloat? 4. What are the chemical bonds underlying the surface tension? (Hint: Google) 1
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5. You were commissioned to design a water robot strider by the Defense Department. This water strider would be able to penetrate into the sewage system underneath the former Soviet Union KGB building. What parameters will influence your design? (Hint: the ratio between the body force ( Mg ) and surface tension ( σ P )). Assume that the radius of the sewage system is 1 m, and water is the main component in the sewage. 6. Compare the surface tension between water and soap?(Hint: Google) 7. Can the water strider remain afloat in a high concentration of soap solution? Gecko feet/setae
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BME 551 Homework1 - BME 551 2012 Homework # 1 Spring...

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