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BME 551 Homework2 - processes would you considers and...

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Homework #2 BME 551 1. Contrast wet vs. dry etching. 2. Define plasma etching. Is it isotropic or anisotropic? 3. What etching processes will be considered for fabricating structures with high aspect ratios? 4. What chemicals are used for chemical etching? 5. Define DRIE. 6. Define e-beam lithography. 7. If you are planning to microfabricate the water strider, what techniques etching
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Unformatted text preview: processes would you considers and why? Reading assignment: 1. Micro- and Nanosclae Anemometry: Implication for Biomedical Applications a) What is the working principle of MEMS shear stress sensors? b) What is convective heat transfer? c) How is shear stress related to voltage and resistance?...
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