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IR2 - ◦Shadow of the future ◦Interdependence...

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Lecture 2: The Doctrine of Liberalism Point of agreement/disagreement with realism Agreement : Anarchy is a permanent feature of international relations ◦Disagreement : Realists overstate the implications of anarchy. The Permanence of Anarchy Due to problems of: Interests aggregation Scope of bureaucracies Differences of identity and motivation Implications of Anarchy ◦Despite anarchy, permanent insecurity is avoidable, cooperation is possible. ◦Three possible reasons and three schools of liberal thought. 1. Liberal Institutionalism ◦Cooperation can evolve from membership in common institutions.
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Unformatted text preview: ◦Shadow of the future ◦Interdependence ◦Problems are resolved 2. The Commercial Peace ◦Prosperity, not just security, matters to states. Prosperity benefits from interdependence. War becomes too costly. ◦Example of the European Union ±ECSC ±Common Market ±European Union ±Expanded membership ±Expanded scope ◦3. The Democratic Peace ±Democracies do not fight each other ± Two possible reasons: ◦Democratic control over executive power ◦Habits and mechanisms of peaceful conflict resolution. ±Expanding democratization?...
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