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“All by myself” by Mercer Mayer it’s a little critter book. It is a colorful book that can capture a child’s attention. It’s twelve pages long and on each page there are no more than two simple sentences per page. It has proper punctuation like periods and capitalization. This book promotes independence by owing the little critter doing activities that he can do all by himself, well most of he time. The actions that the little critter can do are: Get out of bed Button overalls Brush fur/hair Put on socks, tie shoes but the picture showed the shoelaces in knots and he had a frown on his face. Pour juice for little sister which spilled everywhere Help her eat breakfast by spoon feed cereal Pulled toy duck for her Drive toy truck Ride bike Giving a drink to bear by pouring a glass of water on him causing bear to get wet. Kick football Roll on the ground Pound with toy hammer Sail a toy boat by blowing on it.
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