Chapter 5 Outline

Chapter 5 Outline - Chapter 5 Outline: Personality,...

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Chapter 5 Outline: Personality, Intelligence, Attitudes, and Emotions Intro: Personality tests are increasingly being incorporated into application and interview processes for hiring, and employers are able to narrow down on the type of person they hire based on the personality results - Common things that employers are looking for are conscientiousness, ability to handle leadership, problem-solving style, ability to get along with others, potential leadership and service orientation A. Fundamentals of Personality Personality: a stable set of characteristics representing internal properties of an individual, which are reflected in behavioral tendencies across a variety of situations. - Traditionally personality traits rest on 3 basic beliefs: 1. Personality traits are individual psychological characteristics that are relatively enduring (i.e. if you are shy you will stay shy for a long time), 2. Personality traits are major determinants of one’s behavior, 3. Personality traits influence one’s behavior across a wide variety of situations (i.e. an introverted person will be withdrawn and nonassertive) Determinants of Personality Development: - Heredity: There is strong evidence that our personality traits are passed down and directly related to our family and heritage, but it does not account for our complete personality
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Chapter 5 Outline - Chapter 5 Outline: Personality,...

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