Debate Black Friday Res

Debate Black Friday Res - Resolution The USFG should...

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Resolution: The USFG should substantially limit the timeline and increase security measures on Black Friday. SH: Black Friday has become dangerous and more about increased revenue for the retail companies then about starting sales early and bringing about the holiday spirit. In past years, it had been a more civil, enjoyable experience for shoppers who simply wanted the good deals that accompanied the day after Thanksgiving. Now, people are being threatened and even killed for simply being the lucky one to snag the good prices. It is estimated that between 3 and 10 people are killed per year and in 2011, a woman went as far as to spray pepper spray into the crowd to debilitate the other shoppers to make her way into the crowd. I: It has never been as poorly regulated as it is now. Stores opened some as early as 10 pm on Thursday night, a first even for the craziness of Black Friday. The need to regulate has never been an issue but steps now need to be taken to make safety a priority. T: The USFG will enact a policy that does not allow any shopping before 4 a.m. and does not
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Debate Black Friday Res - Resolution The USFG should...

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