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HOMEWORK -- ENV S 301 – Due Tues, Feb 14 th by 5 pm 1. If the temperature of the hot steam leaving a nuclear reactor is 540 F, what is the maximum theoretical efficiency of this reactor if heat is rejected at 150 F? If the actual reactor efficiency was 70% of this theoretical, what would it’s actually efficiency from heat to electricity be? 2. If a 1000 MWe (electric) nuclear reactor has a LOCA (loss of cooling accident) with residual radiation continuing to generate heat at 4% of rated power, how much water would be boiled per hour? 3. Page 32 question # 11 The annual income of a person from China is $5100 and is growing at a rate of 8% per year. In what year will it reach the (present) US level of $39,000? 4. Page 32, question # 14 Some of the advantages of energy conservation were given in this chapter.
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Unformatted text preview: What are some disadvantages? 5. Page 94, question # 6 Suppose the overall efficiency for the conversion of the chemical energy of coal into the useful mechanical work of an electric motor is 29%. If the efficiency for the production of electricity is 35% and the efficiency for its transmission to the motor is 85%, then what is the efficiency of the motor itself for the conversion from electrical to mechanical energy? 6. Page 156, question # 12 Why can a heat pump be thought of as a heat engine running in reverse? 7. Page 501, question # 7 Why is a conventional nuclear reactor not able to explode as a bomb? 8. Page 501, question # 10 Why is there such a controversy over exporting reprocessing-plant technology?...
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