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First of all, I want to ask you a question. How many of you are currently working or had internships previously? May I ask which organization or company that you work for? Those of you include him or her are the actual example of being engaged in work and education. All of us as students are already engaged in education. However, how can we get involved in work? We can get some part time jobs or some internship. There are many opportunities outside of school where you can get some hands on experiences. There are several brands where offers the internship opportunity for college student and companies where you can get some part-time jobs. I specifically want to discuss about the Disney College Program. This program offers amazing internship opportunities where you will get place to one of the departments in theme park or hotels. Moreover, you are also able to take some Disney academic classes through this internship such as marketing and management. Therefore, you will be working at the same time studying
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