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Name of School: Graduate School of Economics, Barcelona Admission Criteria There are four main criteria for admission: academic preparation , English language requirement , quantitative skills (GRE/GMAT), and reference letters . The specific requirements listed below should be considered orientative rather than absolute. Excellence in one area may compensate for a shortcoming in another. In the end what is evaluated is the whole file. Please note that there are always many more applicants than slots available, and possession of the minimum entrance requirements does not guarantee that you will be offered admission. Academic Preparation: Undergraduate/bachelor's degree or the equivalent from an accredited college or university ** Outstanding academic record Most common undergraduate degrees: Economics, Finance, Engineering, Sciencies, Mathematics. More specific information about academic backgrounds of current students: GSE Class Profile ** You will be asked to provide proof of completion of your undergraduate degree, including all required coursework and credits, when you arrive on campus to register for GSE master program courses. IMPORTANT NOTE: Students applying who are still finishing their degree will need to be in possession of their degree by the time of registration, that is September 2011. Otherwise any admission offer will be cancelled. English Language Requirement: All Barcelona GSE master programs are taught entirely in English. No proof of language skill is required if: o your first language is English o the language of instruction of your previous degree was English. o Students with a previous degree taught in English in a non-English speaking country, should provide official evidence from the relevant university that the degree was taught entirely in English to gain an exemption from this requirement. All other students must provide recent evidence that their spoken and written command of the English language is adequate. Language Certificate Minimum Required Score TOEFL Barcelona GSE TOEFL code: 2531 (If you are not able to choose the Barcelona GSE code, you will need to choose the Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Economics code: 1801) Computer based 235
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Paper based 575 Internet test 100 IELTS British Council IELTS 6.5 Cambridge Certificates
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Grad School - Name of School Graduate School of Economics...

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