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Hayley Miller - class culture meaning lower class criminals...

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Hayley Miller Soc. 102 Gauss 11/21/11 Crime Reaction Paper My reaction to this subject is shocked. I cannot believe that a 14 year old would even be capable of such a terrible crime. This definitely took me back because the crime was committed in San Diego as well. In American society and culture today, we see children as innocent and naïve individuals. I know as a child I was not concerned with gang activity, and in that case, did not know to the extent that it even existed. Today, through sociology and criminal justice, I have learned that gangs are in every society, not just America. That goes for crime as well. Most importantly though, what caused this incident? Sociologically, we can blame society and infer that the child did not have a sense of community. Through this, he was more likely to immerse himself into the gang to find a sense of community. Another possible explanation is through the strain theory based on the value system. I personally think that this can be contributed to lower
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Unformatted text preview: class culture, meaning, lower class criminals have values taught by their own community. I can attribute to this because I believe we are all a products of our upbringing, or culture. I am the way I am because of how I am raised, and so are criminals possibly. Durkheim also theorized anomie, or social immobility directly causing deviance which is the root of crime. The power of association is seen here through gang conflict and the association with criminals. The 14 year old probably would never kill someone if not prompted to do so by an older affiliated gang member. With that said, these theories can somewhat explain how society impacts individuals, even at a young age. Nature verses nurture is a biological theory surrounding this issue as well, bringing us back to the point of how the child is raised. These theories, biological and sociological, both play an important role in the development of youth....
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