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Mexican police - Mexican police Head of shelter charged...

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Mexican police: Head of shelter charged with prostituting women residents By Nick Valencia, CNN updated 12:19 AM EST, Thu October 20, 2011 Soledad Griensen Porras, the director of a shelter in Mexico, was charged with trafficking and prostituting women in her shelter. STORY HIGHLIGHTS "The shelter . .. had pretty much become a brothel," says a Juarez police spokesman One of the women living at the shelter stopped police in the street and asked for help A 50-year-old woman heading the shelter is in police custody (CNN) -- The director of a battered women's shelter in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, was being held Wednesday on charges that she forced the women she cared for to commit sex acts with strangers, local authorities told CNN. Authorities were also investigating if children who lived at the shelter -- some as young as 5 years old -- were forced into prostitution as well, Arturo Sandoval, spokesman for the state attorney general's office, told CNN. "That is an aspect of our investigation, but that's still yet to be determined," Sandoval, whose
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