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Step 3:Rady Children’s Hospital: RN Position 1. President/ CEO= Kathleen Selick; Senior Vice President/ Chief Medical Officer= Irvin Kaufman, MD 2. OVER 3,000 employees; specifically 1,000 are nurses 3. Pay rate varies based on amount of hours worked; Benefits to position include; comprehensive packet for you and family, dental, medical and vision coverage, a flexible spending account as well as life insurance and retirement opportunities 4. The Nursing division is currently accepting applications for this year as well as for the Spring ( not clear how many positions are open). They are looking for full and part time nurses and offer competitive salaries, benefits as well as training and advancement programs. 5. An online application is required along side documentation of appropriate licenses, certifications and diplomas. Applicants also need to complete a background check and
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Unformatted text preview: physical process. 6. It is mentioned multiple times that this program offers new trainings, education and career advancement opportunities. There is a “Nursing Ladder” in which on can grow from being a Clinical Nurse ( first year) to a Clinical Nurse II and then onto Clinical Nurse III. Each division is complete with new and advanced responsibilities for the nurse. 7. The hospital continues to grow and receive more funding every year. The facility is the largest pediatric facility in California and is dedicated to excellence in care, the latest technology and best equipment in order to offer progressive research and fine teaching. The facility is very large and contains multiple wings and departments which means room to grow and learn!...
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