sula - was her only friend and that ended their...

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Fernanda Plasencia Women Studies 352 Sula In this story Toni Morrison tells the story of Sula and Nel. The story narrates how Sula and Nel had a beautiful friendship despite their family’s beliefs. Nel’s mother did not like her daughter having any type of relationship with Sula because of her mother’s reputation. As the story goes on the friendship between Sula and Nel changes and they are not as close as the beginning. I like how they didn’t care what other people taught of their friendship and how they did what they felt was right. Even though Sula turned out to do things that were not right to societies eyes she was one of my favorite characters in the story. I liked her character because she did what she wanted and didn’t listen to other peoples believe. The reason why I liked this of her is because many people don’t have the courage to do what they want, and are afraid they won’t be accepted by society. I do believe she should have respected Nel’s husband, because she
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Unformatted text preview: was her only friend and that ended their relationship. The way Sula told Nel that they had always shared everything when they were little was very interesting and show Sula’s personality and how she sees things. Sula doesn’t give importance to the fact that she slept with her best friends’ husband, she only thinks of it as something she felt like doing and it happen. I liked most of the story but there were also parts that did not get my attention and made it tedious to read. Some of the themes that we have talked in class that are present in this story are identity, voice and sexuality. Sula has a strong personality and is always true to herself throughout the story; she did what she wanted to do, no matter what consequences there would be. She had a voice and stood up to what she believed was important and sexuality was very important to her. Overall Sula is a unique story and I learned a lot from the characters in the story....
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sula - was her only friend and that ended their...

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