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Roberto Figueroa Hist 100 – Jeff Baumenn Plyni’s Transregional View of the Lands beyond Rome Historical records, such as Pliny the Elder’s, are valuable in their content to help us understand the culture of the region from where it came and their view of the world during the time it was written, respectively. Documents such as Plyni’s give an idea of the transregional connectivity between the Roman empire and the people surrounding it such as the Seres and Scythians. Pliny the Elder, was a Roman scholar who wrote about the geography and the world outside of Europe, from his perspective and likely the perspective of many Romans. His last published work and only surviving one is the Naturalis Historia, or Natural History, published circa AD 77-79. In it he talks about a vast variety of things in nature and includes much of the knowledge of his time. This work was made as a gift for the emperor Titus, the son of a close friend of his, emperor Vespasian. Pliny was not only a Roman scholar but was also an army commander in his early life and later made naval commander by his friend Vespasian. Moreover, most of the facts known about Pliny the Elder were written by his nephew, Pliny the Younger, whom he helped raised and educated. However, the matter of importance that is written within this work is his description and telling of the lands to the east of Europe and the inhabitants of them. In his writing he tells of the Seres, modernly known as the people from China. Like many written works, the writings of Plyni contain the biases and stereotypes of the people of that time, and like many today, the depiction of the outsiders is negative and exaggerated. He describes the people who inhabit the
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Web Page Evaluation Form - Roberto Figueroa Hist 100 Jeff...

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