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“ADHD Medicines.” . American Academy of Family Physicians, Sept 2010. Web. 14 Nov 2010. . Medicines for ADHD There is no known cure for ADHD but there are medications that may help. One type of medication is called psycho stimulants. This medicine will have a calming effect in a person who has ADHD but will stimulate other people. These drugs are also known as “controlled” drugs and have rules about the way their prescribed. There are several other drugs used to treat the condition. A few of them are atomoxetine, clonidine, desipramine, imipramine and buproprion. Every medication has side effects and these are not any different. Psycho stimulant’s can decrease your appetite and cause headache or upset stomach. Others have had trouble getting
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Unformatted text preview: sleep. Following the doctor’s directions in taking the medicine is very important. Making a scheduled time to do so can be helpful. If you think the meds are not working talk to your doctor first before stopping them. Treatment for ADHD will depend on the person. Taking medication can start in childhood and last in to adult hood. Being checked by your doctor regularly is very important. Also keep in mind to let your child’s teacher help with the monitoring of the behavior. I would use this in a research by going into detail on the different meds and what else they can do. Explain more side effects and how you can check if the medicine is not needed anymore....
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