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“Understanding ADHD.” Healthy . American Academy of Pediatrics, 3 Nov 2010. Web. 14 Nov 2010. issues/conditions/adhd/pages/Understanding-ADHD.aspx . ADHD Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or also known as ADHD is a medical problem that affects children by not being able to control their behavior. This disorder is the most common chronic condition of childhood. Boys are also more likely to be diagnosed than girls. Some symptoms of ADHD are separated by three different groups. The first is inattention which affects a child’s ability to pay attention. Also they can be disorganized and often forget things. Children can also be easily distracted as well. Hyperactivity is the second group of symptoms. This will affect a child by being in constant
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Unformatted text preview: motion. They are not able to sit down, squirm and fidgets. Talking too much and playing loudly are other problems. Impulsivity is the last symptom. With this you can have a child that does not want to take turns and has no patience. They may also act and speak without thinking. If your child has some of these symptoms it does not always mean they have ADHD. But if your child shows symptoms for more than six months it is a good idea to talk to their doctor. Also your child’s teacher can give you some insight if you suspect they have the disorder. I would use this in a research paper by explaining the symptoms more. I would also go in depth on the types of ADHD and how you can tell if your child has the problem....
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