AnnotatedBibliography3-2 - directions let the child repeat...

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“ADHD: What Parents Should Know” . American Academy of Family Physicians, Sept 2010. Web. 22 Nov 2010. <> Helping with ADHD The cause of ADHD is that the body does not make enough chemicals for the brain that are responsible for organizing thought. With the lack of these chemicals the brain does not work properly. Children who have family that are diagnosed with ADHD are more prone to get the disorder. There are several ways to help with ADHD along with medication. Making a schedule for the child’s daily routine can be helpful. Another way is making rules in the home. Be sure to explain in detail the rewards and punishments of the rules. Getting your child’s attention is important in making sure they understand situations. Eye contact and maintaining your composure is essential for a child to obey you. After explaining
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Unformatted text preview: directions let the child repeat them so they may retain the information better. Supervision is a must when dealing with ADHD. These kids are impulsive and sometimes are violent. A constant watch is needed with them. Taking turns with your spouse is a good way to balance out the duties. Always remember to not neglect other children in the home who dont have ADHD because that will cause more problems. Counseling may be a good benefit for your child as well. Monitoring their diet could have some advantages. Different foods, coloring, and preservatives may worsen your childs behavior. Talking to the childs doctor will help out with those issues. In a research paper I would explain more about the chemicals in the brain. Also talk about including teachers more in the role of helping a child with these problems. And give more information on counseling....
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AnnotatedBibliography3-2 - directions let the child repeat...

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