AnnotatedBibliography4-2 - children are left to themselves....

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“Helping Siblings Cope with ADHD” Parental Filter . 07 April 2007. Web. 24 Nov 2010. <> Helping Siblings without ADHD Having a child with ADHD is difficult when it comes to raising them to be productive. If you add another child to the scenario it becomes even harder. With two or more kids in the home and one with ADHD sometimes the non ADHD children are not getting enough attention. Life can be frustrating with a child having this disorder. They are always finding ways to stay in trouble which causes chaos in the home. The time spent with an ADHD child is more than with the others. This causes the other children to think that the ADHD child gets special treatment. Non ADHD children’s rules may be stricter and that can cause anger issues. Since the parents are usually left tired after dealing with the struggles of the day the other
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Unformatted text preview: children are left to themselves. They become self reliant but this is not good for them because their need for attention and love are not there. Siblings often develop behaviors not normal for a child. They will not ask for help even when they need it. Also they can go overboard in trying to please people for attention. Some children act out for attention and that makes a parents job even harder. Parents have a hard job raising a family with an ADHD child thats why time with them is important. The parents may have to split the duties to make sure each child gets what they need. Working together a family can make life live able and enjoyable. I would use this in a research paper by expanding on what can be done with time management. Also suggest activities to help the family come together. And give parents tips on splitting up responsibilities....
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AnnotatedBibliography4-2 - children are left to themselves....

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