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Case Analysis - Unit 4 - The primary system found in the...

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The primary system found in the Tip of the Iceberg was supply and demand. Supply in this case represents how much of a certain product (the clams) the market can offer. The supply in this story is the clams. Demand refers to the quantity of a product (clams) that is desired from consumers (penguins & walruses). The demand in this story is the amount of clams that the walruses brought up from the ocean floor for the penguins. The demands for the clams get higher because more penguins are showing up on the iceberg and now there’s a need for more walruses due to the increasing request for more clams. The parts of the system include the clams, penguins, walruses and the iceberg. According to the story the main factor contributing to their negotiations was hunger. The penguins and walruses both wanted the clams. The penguins had all the clams they and the walruses could want but not the resources to get to them. The penguins have tiny lungs and can’t hold their breath long enough to get to the ocean floor. The walruses on the other hand had the resources to
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