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An Ideal Boss I would love to have an ideal boss. All of the managers I have had in the past and even the present offer some good qualities. A few of them were caring. Every one of them has had personal problems. This is important because the person above you sometimes can relate and may help you in your time of need. Occasionally, the boss you get could care less about you which makes it difficult to perform your job. Another quality of a good supervisor is fairness. When you’re in a position of sharing the work load with a team member it is helpful that the duties are split equally. When jobs are not divided fairly, animosity eventually causes conflict. Managers will sometimes have a favorite
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Unformatted text preview: employee which in turn starts a problem. A lazy boss is also a dilemma. In this scenario the employer is more a friend than an authority figure. The work environment is lax and work does not get accomplished because the employee will take advantage of the situation. Deadlines will not be met and eventually the worker will have to stay late or work weekends. Im sure being in charge of people is not an easy task. A manager who is considerate, fair, and focused, all at the same time, would be an ideal boss for me. One day I hope to become this type of manager. This will give me an opportunity to guide employees in the right direction....
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