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Fungus Questions - 5 How do sepate and nonsepate hyphae...

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Fungus Questions View the presentation titled “Fungi” and answer the following questions: Note there will be questions on the laboratory test from this presentation. 1. Discuss the importance of fungi in: a. Nature b. Agriculture c. Manufacturing d. Medicine 2. Explain how molds, fleshy fungi (mushrooms) and yeasts differ in structure. 3. What is a mycelium? 4. What are hyphae? How do aerial and vegetative hyphae differ?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. How do sepate and nonsepate hyphae differ from each other? 6. What criteria are used for classification of fungi? 7. How do sexual spores differ from asexual spores? 8. Explain the process by which yeast reproduce. 9. List four phyla of fungi and give an example of each. 10. Describe 4 types of mycoses, describe each and give examples of each....
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