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history module 2 one2 - need to become one with nature and...

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Chinese Philosophy The rise of new philosophies during the Period of Warring States was accredited to people needing a different way of living. During this time of political confusion and lack of social order, new ideas emerged and the culture began to change. People such as Kong Fuzi, Laozi, and Shang Yang brought the new ways of thinking to China. Kong Fuzi, also identified as Confucius, sought to teach that in order for someone to succeed it was needed for the person to be moral and ethical. This is philosophy known as Confucianism and is the opposite of Daoism. The founder of Daoism, (Laozi), believed that you
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Unformatted text preview: need to become one with nature and not worry about social distinction. With Legalism, the concern of a strong government is more important than anything. Shang Yang’s Legalism philosophy eventually brought the unification of China. Legalism was successful in bringing China together but may not have been the most effective philosophy. To run a flourishing nation a combination of all three teachings would probably be more beneficial. The citizens of China would have rights, the leaders would still have power and the environment would be taken into consideration....
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