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Greek Democracy Greece was once a powerful and large civilization. The Greeks produced some of the greatest influential thinkers of all time. The conquests and successes of the Greeks influenced nations for years to come, including America. With the emergence of the polis, (city-state) political order was restored in early Greece. The poleis differed in each region for example Sparta was a military city. In Sparta, citizens were equal; there wasn’t a real social order. On the other hand Athens was a democratic society. Solon played a big role in giving citizens rights and privileges in Athens. This meant every man, if
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Unformatted text preview: desired, could have a role in administration. The limitations of Greek democracy were that there were not universal practices throughout the country. With many poleis all standing jointly they were not able to be concurred. Americans knew this about the Greeks so when putting a nation together it was taken into consideration. Also America’s structure is based in part by the city-state Athens. To be free and have the right to mold your life and government is what democracy is about....
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