Job Structure2 - Jobs in our nations Infrastructure In...

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Jobs in our nation’s Infrastructure In today’s economy transportation and communication are two key elements in job growth and the success of our nation. The infrastructure of our nation has become second in the world’s superpowers. Many countries are able to move people and goods faster and more efficient with high speed transportations. Also with faster internet access and more availability these other nations can communicate with great success. President Obama spoke of these issues’ in his latest State of the Union Address. One way that he suggests that we can improve our infrastructure is in a high speed rail system. Over the next six years the president wishes to spend 53 billion dollars for construction of a national high- speed and intercity passenger rail network. Just in the upcoming year 8 billion dollars will be spent on three types of interconnected corridors: core express, regional, and emerging. The core express will be the back bone of the rail system. The regional corridor will increase trips and reduce travel time. The emerging corridor will provide travelers access to the larger national high-speed and intercity passenger
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Job Structure2 - Jobs in our nations Infrastructure In...

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