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Outline Editorials 9/11 Thesis statement: September 11 2001 is a day in history that will never be forgotten because of attacks of terrorists on our nation. I. News of plane hitting World Trade Center A. People watch second plane hit II. People killed A. Rescue workers risk lives III. More planes crash A. One in Pennsylvania B. One hits Pentagon IV. New war A. More costs B. Cannot defend 100% V. Attacks connected to Middle East A. Osama bin Laden one of the terrorists B. Must be prepared for future And Our Flag Was Still There Thesis statement: This is about a woman’s feelings of anger toward the American public over their actions after 9/11. I. Child wants to wear flag colors to school A. Wants her to wear black
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B. Child wears colors II. People attacking innocent citizens A. Some of Congress criticized for different opinions B. Loudest mouths get the attention C. Take back flag from censorship III. She was 13 when looked at flag with pride A. She is ashamed at our nation B. She wants no killing C. She states our country based on war D. Wants new symbols for patriotism IV. Town famous for picture
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outline2 - Outline Editorials 9/11 Thesis statement:...

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