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sacrifice2 - that the blood from the sacrifices would...

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Sacrifice The Mexica or also known as the Aztecs ruled central Mexico. The Mexica took control over what the Aztec empire started. With both being religious peoples some of the practices were similar. Human sacrifice was a huge role in the Mexica practices. The Mexica people adopted some of the same aspects of Mesoamerica including their gods. The religious practices included self sacrifices and human sacrifices. Their beliefs were
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Unformatted text preview: that the blood from the sacrifices would entail the world’s survival. But the Mexica people put a lot more emphasis on the human sacrifice. This emphasis was due to the worship of a god that was said to protect their warriors. With a lot of societies in the past, human sacrifice had its role in different cultures. But no other culture before had the emphasis on human sacrifice....
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