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social stuctures2 - Social classes where mainly defined by...

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Social Structures How did the evolution of the social structure come to be a part of society and how has culture molded it? In the Paleolithic era there was not any social structure because everyone worked equally to provide for the community. This meant men and women, young and old all contributed in their survival. Social structures became a part of everyday life when complex societies began to form. In the beginning of the Neolithic era agriculture societies began to form. With this transformation groups of people stayed in one area and founded early villages. As a result of agriculture the need to forage for food was not needed and that gave opportunities for people to do other things. Individuals now had the time to concentrate on specialized trades and they then accumulated wealth .And so with the rulers of the people being elected from accomplished soldiers’ the social distinctions began to develop.
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Unformatted text preview: Social classes where mainly defined by wealth which was the owner ship of land. Within the order of class distinction started with kings who then appointed religious leaders who were usually family members. Skilled workers and labors were next in the social order and they sometimes owned land. At the bottom of the classes were slaves that came from captured enemies, criminals and people that owed enormous debt. Education was also a factor in distinguishing social classes. Different cultures brought about knowledge of writing and metallurgy that help mold new societies. Each civilization took and modified the new learnings and made them their own. The sharing of techniques between people was a beneficial part of growth. With the invention of agriculture complex societies were established and as knowledge progressed social structures formed and evolved....
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social stuctures2 - Social classes where mainly defined by...

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