state of union2 - well. His plan for creating jobs in clean...

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State of the Union President Obama spoke to Congress and the American public on Tuesday the 25 th of January about the future of our country. He also spoke about the issues that are being viewed by the house and senate. The president shared some of his views on certain topics as well. The republicans and democrats sat together which gave the impression of unity. President Obama stressed that both political parties must work together for this country to succeed. He stated that in this new age of technology we must be better than everyone else. One way we need to be better is to further educate ourselves by starting with our schools and teachers. Another way is by coming up with new ideas that will help mold the future. Obama said that investing in these ideas was imperative for success. One problem with this idea is republicans disagree with more spending. The national deficit is at an outrageous amount and both parties are concerned. The president spoke on his concerns as
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Unformatted text preview: well. His plan for creating jobs in clean energy and education, plus road repair should help the economy. To help the deficit Obama wants to cut spending in other areas such as oil companies and defense. Health care is a touchy subject with Politians. He said that they needed to fix health care reform and move forward. Most republicans want to repeal instead of fixing it. One other issue are our troops abroad fighting for our freedom. The war against terrorism is being won was one comment that was made. Also the need to bring our military home is a priority. President Obama tried connecting with the American people with stories of fellow citizens. This was stated to be his Regan moment. The issues at hand are up to the public to try to solve by being better than all other countries. Obama said that without this our nation will fail. He is also positive that America will rise to the occasion and move forward not backwards....
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state of union2 - well. His plan for creating jobs in clean...

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