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Summary 2-2 - helps you remember when it’s due Need to be...

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To have success in college it is to everyone’s benefit to follow a few strategies. One of the first strategies is to get organized. This includes your orientation and to read and understand course guidelines. You also need to plan your day out. Another great way to have success is to manage your time. Making a calendar of due dates is very helpful. When you find yourself with some down time always try to enjoy it. Having fun is a good way to balance out your busy life. Now that we are in class it is smart to take notes. This will enable you to retain information and give you something else to study. You may find it helpful to review your notes with other classmates. Homework is always a part of school and an important part. Writing down the assignment
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Unformatted text preview: helps you remember when it’s due. Need to be sure to turn in homework on time. Finally we have tests to take. Most people have trouble because they over think too much. If you budget your time before and during the test it will help you get a good grade. So before taking the test make sure to study as well as attend class. During the test it is a great idea to read all parts of the exam carefully. Making simple mistakes can be costly on your grade. Hopefully this paper will help in getting you prepared for the challenge ahead. If you put your mind to it you can do anything. So good luck and have great success in all of your adventures....
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