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Trade Trade has always driven history. From the beginning trade has made societies strong and made them crumble. Trade brought different cultures together and in doing so that brought about the use of new ways of living. During the period of 1000CE – 1500CE was not any different. The early Turkish people were nomadic and by trade they eventually became apart of the Islamic religion. This helped spread to India and Anatolia. In the Mongol territories trade routes were protected and that allowed merchants to become successful. This allowed their nation to
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Unformatted text preview: flow smoothly. The foundation laid by the nomadic peoples created the integration of the eastern hemisphere. Trade has and will always drive history. Trade influenced the introduction of new religions throughout this period like Christianity in Africa. Without trade the world would be a place that does not have variety it has today. Crops from different regions of the world would still be unknown to some and the population would surely be different....
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