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#8 Response - Ed Tell Sec 002 Angela(Anqi Liu 20415897#8...

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Ed Tell Sec. 002 Angela (Anqi) Liu 20415897 #8 Response: Delivery (Reading 15) The greatest challenge that lies in my way to an efficient delivery is perhaps my own fear towards speaking in public. More specifically, I am afraid that I might forget my words and stand there looking stupid, that people will judge me if I fail to perform well, that I might get tongue- tied, or simply stand too stiff to do any interactions. To address the first problem, I need to ensure adequate preparation, not only on the content of the speech but also on nonverbal communication techniques, such as where to pause, where to add in a natural gesture, and where I need to raise my tone (192). The rest of my fears arise mostly from being overly self-conscious. If I think out and build connections with the audience, those unease and anxieties could easily disappear. Another aspect that needs to be carefully prepared, but hard to get perfectly rehearsed is eye contact. I decide to take a triangle strategy—establishing eye contact following a random triangle
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