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1st Response - fool of myself in front of people Because...

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Ed Tell Sec. 002 Angela (Anqi) Liu 20415897 #1 Response: Social Ghosts (Reading 3) Social ghost , put forward by Mary Gergen, relates to “internal dialogue”(P22) with someone who is not present or is imagined. These people, or social ghosts , are most frequently friends and family members who interact with us in a way that influence our values and attitudes towards things (P26). Admittedly, Dad would be my number one social ghost. His voice speaks to me loud and clear every time I am inclined to shun away from challenging opportunities, telling me meaningful things such as how life is all about experience and how I would miss the whole world if I keep letting go of chances, with a slight tone of anxiety but more encouragement. Then with motivation regained, I would jump out of the comfort zone, and at this time imagine his voice turn to be more pleased and complimentary. Another example concerns Carol Ye, who is my best friend from China, and who I cannot contact on a timely basis now. Still I often think of her, especially when I make a
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Unformatted text preview: fool of myself in front of people. Because she is the one who told me to always take a light attitude towards life, and to look on the bright side. The thought of her ringing, soothing voice helps a lot in driving away awkwardness and other bad feelings. Besides, whenever a funny but absurd idea pops into my mind, I tend to vividly envision her commenting on them, which would trigger waves of laughter. From my perspective, imaginary conversations with Dad usually center on making decisions in life, with he being objective and educative, pushing me to the right path. While with Carol, I can always expect some fun from the two of us—or one. Social ghosts like these exist because they carry weight in our mind, and we value such weight. Social ghosts also help define ‘self’. Humans are, after all, social animals. Without others, who knows how poorly we could behave?...
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