When to use binomial distribution

When to use binomial distribution - X ~ Binomial(n=7 p=1/3...

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When to use binomial distribution: discrete What is the possible range of values can I get, the possible times the events happen Binomial can’t be fractions E.g. max 10 times, so 0-10 is the range Gaussian, for continuous distributions, weight, height, Sheldon bases every decision of his life on the roll of a fair dice. He intends to go to the cheesecake factory for each of the next 7 days. He will purchase a strawberry cheesecake if he rolls a 4 or a 6. Assume he purchases only one cheesecake per day. What is the probability that he purchases 3 strawberry cheesecakes in the next 7 days? Days-trials: 7 trials X= number of strawberry cheesecakes purchased in 7 trials X=0,1,2,3…6,7 P (X=3) tables or formula
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Unformatted text preview: X ~ Binomial (n=7, p=1/3) Assume now that, now he purchases one cheesecake each day for the next 365 days. Use the normal approximation to find the probability that he purchases at least 100 strawberry X~ Binomial (n=365, p=1/3) Condition: np=121.67>5 Nq=243.44>5 X approx.= G(u=np=121.67, =root npq=9.01 P (X>=100) P (X>99.5) Elena is lost in the forest. The length of time (in minutes) that Stefan takes to find Elena is normally distributed with mean 15 min and standard deviation 1.5 min. Find the probability that Stefan finds Elena in less than 14 min. X= length of time that s finds Elena, X ~ G(15, 1.5) Find P(X<14) standardize and calculate using Gaussian tables...
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