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#ifndef _TYPES_H_ #define _TYPES_H_ /* * The model for the include files in the kernel is as follows: * * 1. Every source file includes this file, <types.h>, first. * * 2. Every other header file may assume this file has been * included, but should explicitly include any other headers * it requires to compile. */ /* Get machine-dependent types visible to userland */ #include <machine/types.h> /* Get machine-independent types visible to userland */
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Unformatted text preview: #include &lt;kern/types.h&gt; /* Get machine-dependent types not visible to userland */ #include &lt;machine/ktypes.h&gt; /* * Define userptr_t as a pointer to a one-byte struct, so it won't mix * with other pointers. */ struct __userptr { char _dummy; }; typedef struct __userptr *userptr_t; typedef const struct __userptr *const_userptr_t; #endif /* _TYPES_H_ */...
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