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#ifndef _STDARG_H_ #define _STDARG_H_ /* Make sure we have __PF() */ #include <lib.h> /* * As of gcc 3.0, the stdarg declarations can be made * machine-independent because gcc abstracts the implementations away * for us. */ typedef __builtin_va_list __va_list; typedef __va_list va_list; #define va_start(ap,fmt) __builtin_stdarg_start(ap,fmt) #define va_arg(ap,t) __builtin_va_arg(ap,t) #define va_copy(ap1,ap2) __builtin_va_copy(ap1,ap2) #define va_end(ap) __builtin_va_end(ap) /* * The v. .. versions of printf functions in <lib.h>. This is not really * the best place for them. .. */ void vkprintf(const char *fmt, va_list ap) __PF(1,0);
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Unformatted text preview: int vsnprintf(char *buf, size_t maxlen, const char *f, va_list ap) __PF(3,0); /* * The printf driver function (shared with libc). * Does v. ..printf, passing the output data piecemeal to the function * supplied. The "clientdata" argument is passed through to the function. * The strings passed to the function might not be null-terminated. */ int __vprintf(void (*func)(void *clientdata, const char *str, size_t len), void *clientdata, const char *format, va_list ap) __PF(3,0); #endif /* _STDARG_H_ */...
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