clock - #define HZ 10000#else More realistic value#define...

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#ifndef _CLOCK_H_ #define _CLOCK_H_ #include "opt-synchprobs.h" /* * Time-related definitions. * * hardclock() is called from the timer interrupt HZ times a second. * gettime() may be used to fetch the current time of day. * getinterval() computes the time from time1 to time2. */ /* hardclocks per second */ #if OPT_SYNCHPROBS /* Make synchronization more exciting :) */
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Unformatted text preview: #define HZ 10000 #else /* More realistic value */ #define HZ 100 #endif void hardclock(void); void gettime(time_t *seconds, u_int32_t *nanoseconds); void getinterval(time_t secs1, u_int32_t nsecs, time_t secs2, u_int32_t nsecs2, time_t *rsecs, u_int32_t *rnsecs); #endif /* _CLOCK_H_ */...
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