synch - Header file for synchronization...

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/* * Header file for synchronization primitives. */ #ifndef _SYNCH_H_ #define _SYNCH_H_ /* * Dijkstra-style semaphore. * Operations: * P (proberen): decrement count. If the count is 0, block until * the count is 1 again before decrementing. * V (verhogen): increment count. * * Both operations are atomic. * * The name field is for easier debugging. A copy of the name is made * internally. */ struct semaphore { char *name; volatile int count; }; struct semaphore *sem_create(const char *name, int initial_count); void P(struct semaphore *); void V(struct semaphore *); void sem_destroy(struct semaphore *); /* * Simple lock for mutual exclusion. * Operations: * lock_acquire - Get the lock. Only one thread can hold the lock at the * same time. * lock_release - Free the lock. Only the thread holding the lock may do * this. * lock_do_i_hold - Return true if the current thread holds the lock; * false otherwise. * * These operations must be atomic. You get to write them.
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synch - Header file for synchronization...

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